Adstyle Industries
Painted poles, Decorative Track and Accessories
Over the range of designs in painted and stained
wood pole tracks there are over 50 standard colours. The range consists of individual one colour application
or colour combinations.
Group 1
(a) One Colour Painted Application. Since hundreds of colours are featured collectively in current paint charts we carry as a standard six of the most popular neutrals:
White / Antique White USA / Chalk USA / Hogbristle Hogbristle 1/2 St. / Fair Bianca 1/2 St.
These appear in The Dulux Directions in White
Paint Chart.
(b) One Colour Metallics — All metallics are mixed
in–house as none of the metallics mixed in the medium we use are available commercially. There are eight standard metallic colours. One colour application is applied to 51mm diameter plain and reeded; or carved designs, and 35mm plain only.
Special Order Paint Request
1. As selected from a current paint chart — Paint is ordered as required, the extra cost being 1 litre of paint.
2. Paint mixing to match fabric/wallpaper — This is a frequent request for both plain and metallic colours.
A charge is applied to cover the cost of paint mixing
and the posting of sample chip for approval.
Group 2
Deco Effects as applied to a 51mm diameter reeded wood pole track.
In addition to the one colour neutrals and metallics there are 10 standard bi–colour deco colours. With the deco painted reeded pole, one colour is painted in the channel (or the groove), the second colour on the ridge. In the colour description the first mentioned colour is the channel colour, the second is the dominant ridge colour. This is important, i.e. colour black/gold looks markedly different to gold/black painted in reverse. The former is predominantly gold, the latter predominately black.
Group 3
Textura Range — 51mm diameter plain poles only.
Textura refers to a textured painted surface effect which consists of several variant but coordinating colours that in combination have distinct identity, i.e. Regal Silver, which is blue/blue-grey/silver.
Group 4
Sherwood and Ridgeway
These two unique carved 51mm diameter poles feature
a decorative effect running centrally along the pole. Sherwood is a rope twist design and Ridgeway is a beaded design. Each of the eight colours are available
in either design. Our special request paint service applies also to this group.
Group 5
Tales of Camelot — Design Lancelot and Design Guinevere 51mm diameter poles.
From the legend of Camelot, the days of knights and maidens fair emerge two pole track designs
— Lancelot and Guinevere.
Lancelot with its studded centre panel together with the studded spire or orb finial is a medieval look suggesting arms and armour or aspects of castle architecture. The masculinity of this design is emphasised by the colours used, i.e. steel, iron, copper , bronze, etc.
Guinevere on the other hand is the feminine side. Offered is design Floral Fantasy which has a floral motive central panel with matching floral orb finials. Another design is Plain Charm which features filigree end caps. Guinevere colours are standard neutral, metallics or special order colours.
Group 6
The Washed and Grained Effect 51mm diameter poles.
This look is based on an involved Japanese lacquer technique. Its wispy grained surface appearance is achieved by the amalgamation of a one colour base
and a contrasting overlay. This effect is by special request order with the colours stipulated.
Group 7
a) The Handstained Sovereign Range.
Available in a 51mm plain or Sherwood Carved pole
or a 35mm diameter plain pole. Available in ten stained colours including ´Wenge´, the popular brown/black colour used on modern furniture.
b) The Standard Stained Range
Available in 51mm or 35mm diameter and in Two Stained colours only.