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51mm Woodpole Tracks
Over the range of designs in painted and stained woodpole tracks there are over 50 standard colours. The range consists of one colour application
or colour combination.
Over the following pages each colour / colour combinations is featured under a category rating which is relative to the time and effort required to produce the desired effect.
NB: Some variation in shade may occur between
the actual item and the perception given on an
electronic monitor.
Categorie 1-2 Not applicable
Categorie 3 One colour paint application in acrylic
  Guinevere plain charm in acrylic
Categorie 4 Two colour deco paint application
  Sovereign plain stained
  Guinevere plain charm metallic
Categorie 5 Textura
Categorie 6 Carved designs Sherwood
and Ridgewood
  Guinevere floral fantasy
  Sovereign stained carved
Special Requests
E.g. Paint mixing to match fabric, etc. Frequently we
are requested to paint poles to match fabric, often with some input from the decorator. Occasionally a request
is made for a pre-approval sample chip to be painted. This is possible at a cost. Since paint mixing is involved,
sample pots sometimes need to be purchased, not to mention the time factor. When painting standard colour orders, extra is usually painted and the off–cuts are stored for future use as sample chips. Depending on demand, chips are not always readily available and
have to be specially prepared.
Turn around time is approximately 14 working days from receipt of order and also dependant on the time of year and the availability of material.
Orders can be sent by a carrier of the receivers preference and on the receivers account or by the senders carrier with the freight, based on bulk rates added to invoice.